We had two guests on to discuss two different shows for this weekend!  First is Kevin from Keyhole Peepshow and A Four Letter Word, which you all remember is Steve and Kunkle's band.  We talked a bit about Keyhole and what's in store from them in the future as well as their show with Mansionbuilder and A Four Letter Word on Saturday June 25th at JB Lovedrafts.  It is aptly titled "Destroy your local heroin dealer" and is sponsored in part by The Spiel-burg!  Secondly our friend Victoria from The Blandinas came on to discuss her event which is this Sunday June 26th at HMAC.  It is called "Kicking the Crap Out of Cancer for Stephanie" set up in part for her sister in law who is currently battling the affliction.  It goes from noon to 8 on Sunday and there will be 17 bands!  Lastly, we discuss the film "Circles" which was only viewed by Sean and Steve but as usual their back and forth banter is worth the listen.  Check out the links to Keyhole Peepshow and The Blandinas below!


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