Our new friend and comedian LeMaire Lee drops by to shoot the shit with us and promote his upcoming comedy event this Sunday October 9th at the Lizard Lounge in the Chameleon Club in Lancaster.  Hit him up for tickets at 10 bucks a pop which saves you two bucks at the door!  Lastly, we discuss the film "The Invitiation" which is yet another Kunkle pick, but 3/4 of us totally dug it!  We laughed our asses off tonight so we hope you enjoy listening!


Welp, this one was a mash up of bullshitting, impressions, quotes, and more hilarity!  We briefly discuss the film "He Never Died" starring Henry Rollins and pretty much just laughed our way through the rest.  Enjoy, minions!


Our buddy Seth from The Dirty Sweet drops by to shoot the shit on his band and his solo music and we talk about some upcoming shows and our super exciting lives and more!  We also review the classic film "The Burbs" starring a young Tom Hanks and it's the shizz!  Check out the link to The Dirty Sweet below!


We had two guests on to discuss two different shows for this weekend!  First is Kevin from Keyhole Peepshow and A Four Letter Word, which you all remember is Steve and Kunkle's band.  We talked a bit about Keyhole and what's in store from them in the future as well as their show with Mansionbuilder and A Four Letter Word on Saturday June 25th at JB Lovedrafts.  It is aptly titled "Destroy your local heroin dealer" and is sponsored in part by The Spiel-burg!  Secondly our friend Victoria from The Blandinas came on to discuss her event which is this Sunday June 26th at HMAC.  It is called "Kicking the Crap Out of Cancer for Stephanie" set up in part for her sister in law who is currently battling the affliction.  It goes from noon to 8 on Sunday and there will be 17 bands!  Lastly, we discuss the film "Circles" which was only viewed by Sean and Steve but as usual their back and forth banter is worth the listen.  Check out the links to Keyhole Peepshow and The Blandinas below!



Welcome back gang!  We took a hiatus for a bit and moved locations to Kunkle's bird sanctuary!  You'll see what we mean when you take a listen!  For our return podcast we invited Tim Kenee in to help us catch up with his band, Mansionbuilder, as well as his tattoo business called Black Thorn Gallery which just relocated to Camp Hill!  Check out the links below!

Black Thorn Gallery:





Our friend Lindsay drops by to give us the low down on ReStore in Harrisburg which is located in the old Troeg's Brewery and they have tons of donated furniture and other cool stuff for sale!  They are always receiving and selling the donations and putting the money back into the great city of Harrisburg!  They are having a huge event on June 18th!  She is also involved in Sundae's Best Variety Show and their next event is a sleep over with Felicia O'Toole at HMAC on May 1st!  Lastly, we discuss the epic new installment to the Star Wars Saga : The Force Awakens!  Check out the link to ReStore Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Harrisburg Area below!


Our buddies Mike and Greg from the band Florence and Libby drop by to discuss the history of their music and share their story of how it all came to be!  While they've been in various bands over the years, and even taken a bit of a hiatus, they've still managed to bring it back together when the timing felt right to them.  Interestingly, they all hail from western PA and now reside around the HBG area for the most part so, uhhhh, insert that whole it's a small world cliche'.  Lastly, we discuss the film "The Taking of Deborah Logan" which was disturbing to say the least.  But, if you like human snake ladies trying to inhale children like something out of Anaconda, then this one is for you!  Check out the two links to Florence and Libby's separate band camp pages - each hosting a different album.  According to Mike, they fucked up, so that's why they have two.  More music for your ears if you ask us! 



Our buddy Justin stopped by to discuss his new bar called JB Lovedrafts!  It's going to have make your own burgers, video games, live music, and of course, beer!  Lastly, we discuss the film "The Revenant" which we all agree was pretty badass! Check out the link to our first event at Justin's bar below!


Our old buddy Adam Brunson stops by to give us the low down on a kick ass theater group that puts on plays and musicals at Fed Live in Harrisburg!  They're doing a rendition of the film "The Graduate" April 17th and you've got to check it out!  Lastly, we close it out with a review of the Korean film "I Saw the Devil", which was probably one of the most brutal films we've ever seen!  We also plug our first Spiel-burg podcast event so make sure you give it a listen because we're going to host the owner of the new venue in two weeks! Check out the link to Bare Bones Theatre Ensemble below!


Our buddy Greg stops by to chat about his company Honey Bee Friendly. It's technically a clean energy landscaping business, but it is also inspired by his pursuit of bee keeping as well as his desire to educate others about the importance of the world's honey bee population.  To close it out, we discuss the worst movie any of us have ever suggested!  It's called "Head Hunters", and it was the worst......so don't see it...but listen to us make fun of it!

Here's the link to Greg's company below!

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